The Totem Pole

red bananas

Catherine Vase, Alison Milford

No. of pages 48

Gawu of the Eagle tribe wants to be a totem pole carver, but everyone expects him to be a warrior like his father. Then, when he saves his sister from a hungry wolf in the forest, he is celebrated as a hero. But he wants to be a craftsman, not a warrior. So, determined to prove that he is good enough, and that you can be clever and brave in other ways, Gawu goes back to the forest to find exactly the right piece of wood and he carves the story of his sister's rescue. Will his father agree that he does have the skill to become a totem pole carver?


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The Totem Pole is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of . It was written for young readers to enjoy. The location India are linked with this book.

Tags: Carving, Haida, Haida wood carving, Poles, Totem, Totem poles and Wood

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