Black Beauty

Dk Classics

A Elt scheme

Anna Sewell, Victor G Ambrus, Caryn Jenner

No. of pages 48

Great for age 4+
Follow Black Beauty's remarkable story - and discover what a horse's life was really like in Victorian times. Stunning DK photographs combine with evocative illustrations and engaging age-appropriate stories in Classic Readers a multi-level reading programme guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and knowledge of the great stories of the world.


This book contains the following story:

Black Beauty
When he comes of age, the horse Black Beauty is sold to a grand house to be a carriage horse. The groom, Joe, is kind but his masters are cruel. Every day Beauty and his fellow horse, Ginger, are shackled to the carriage with a tight bearing rein to keep their heads held high, and the two horses are whipped and generally mistreated. When Ginger misbehaves she is taken away. When Beauty smashes his knee he is sold to a London cabby. Pulling a cab through all the weather is hard work but Jerry is kind to Beauty and he is happy. Then Jerry is offered a job as groom by a customer and has to sell Beauty. His next master is harsh and cruel. But then Black Beauty is rescued by a horse doctor and at the doctors stables he discovers that the groom is none other than Joe. Beauty lives out the rest of his life in the doctors fields, happy and cared for.

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This book features the following characters:

Ginger is the chestnut horse that becomes friendly with Black Beauty when they are both carriage horses at Birtwick Park. She has a rough life and is consequently pretty sassy. The two friends go separate ways but meet again as broken-down cab horses in London.

Jimmy Barker

Joe Green

Black Beauty
Black Beauty is a handsome black horse who narrates his story in the novel of the same name. He begins his career as a carriage horse for wealthy people but after a fall he is sacked and made to do much harder work. Beauty always tries his best despite the difficult circumstances he finds himself in.

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