Going to Dentist

biff chip and kipper

Anne Marie Young, Alex Brychta, Roderick Hunt, Annemarie Young, Kate Ruttle

No. of pages 32

Great for age 4+
First Experiences with Biff, Chip & Kipper introduce your child to new situations through entertaining and sensitively written stories. Each story is packed with facts and humour, making them perfect for reading together. In this story Kipper goes to the dentist and learns how to look after his teeth.


Going to Dentist by Alex Brychta, Anne Marie Young and Roderick Hunt has an age rating of 5+ years on TheBookSeekers. There are currently no reviews for this book on this site. Click on the + buttons to include your own ratings!

It is part of the Biff, Chip and Kipper collection, and is at Stage 1 and lilac in the Oxford Reading Tree (OUP) levelled reading scheme. This book is aimed at children who are working at key stage 0 and at level stepping stones of the National Curriculum.

Going to Dentist is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Alex Brychta. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional characters Kipper, Biff and Chip.

Tags: Dentists and fictional character

This is a Reader collection. A Reader collection group books together at the same level within the same Reading scheme.

Collection Tags: Kipper, Illustrated, Oxford Reading Tree, non-ordered, stepping stones, 0, levelled, 5 years, reading, lilac.

The Oxford Reading Tree series contains phonics teaching books, decodable books matched to Letters and Sounds, Biff, Chip and Kipper adventures , Traditional Tales from all over the world, Fiction, non-fiction and poetry. This levelled scheme uses the its own levels rather than the generalised book band colour scheme. Levelling in the Biff, Chip and Kipper books is shown in a chart which can be downloaded at https://global.oup.com/education/content/primary/series/oxford-reading-tree/?region=uk.

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