The tale of Pigling Bland

Book 15, Peter Rabbit and Friends

Beatrix Potter

No. of pages 88

Great for age 5+
It's been 110 years since frederick warne published beatrix potter's very first book, "the tale of peter rabbit"", and in celebration, we are delighted to be publishing special editions of her entire body of work. . and to make them extra special, we have included a publisher's note to tell you all about the history of how each book came to be. ""the tale of pigling bland"" was published the year that beatrix potter was married and settled down to farming life for good. she had already been keeping pigs and she sketched them for this story, using her own farmyard as the setting. one little black pig was a household pet and features as the ""perfectly lovely"" pig-wig who runs away with pigling bland. ""the tale of pigling bland"" is number 15 in beatrix potter's series of 23 little books."


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Peter Rabbit and Friends
The first of Beatrix Potter's tales - the Tale of Peter Rabbit - started initially as a tale in a letter to the son of her governess, Noel. She revised the story into a book but was unable to find a publisher so published it herself. After its success, Frederick Warne agreed to publish it if she coloured the illustrations. Beatrix went on to write and illustrate a further 22 tales, all of which have become classic best sellers.

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