Merry Christmas, Mr Mouse

Caralyn Buehner, Mark Buehner

No. of pages 40

From the creators of the "New York Times"" bestseller ""Snowmen at Night"" comes a lively story about discovering the joy and meaning of Christmas When Mr. Mouse and his family move into the warm spot beneath the kitchen stove in a big house, they discover something new and wonderful: an evergreen tree decorated with lights, ginger and peppermint smells in the air, and cookies baking in the oven. They hear about a child born long ago, and a jolly man named Santa who brings gifts to celebrate Jesus s birth on a day called Christmas. And so Mr. and Mrs. Mouse decide that their family should celebrate Christmas too. With delightful rhyming verse, detailed illustrations (with hidden pictures to search for!), and a childlike sense of wonder, the story of the Mouse family s first Christmas is sure to become a holiday tradition."""


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