The story of Pocahontas

Book 2, Dk Readers

Reading level: Beginning to Read, Level 2, Beginning to Read Alone

Caryn Jenner

No. of pages 32

Great for age 4+
DK Readers will help your child learn to read and encourage a life-long love of reading the whilst. finding out about Pocahontas Encourage your child to read They will learn the story of heroine Pocahontas. Discover how she befriended the settlers of Jamestown. saving the life of their leader. whose heart she ultimately won. DK Readers are part of a five-level highly pictorial reading scheme. which uses lively illustrations and engaging stories to encourage reading . Level 2 have long sentences. increased vocabulary. information boxes and a simple index. Read them together with children who are beginning to read alone and with early or reluctant readers. Over 100 DK Readers in the series.


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