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Star wars, episode I : incredible cross-sections

Star Wars

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The vehicles and spacecraft of Star Wars that we've become used to are quite different in Episode 1. The Old Republic still rules the galaxy and craftsmen still rule the world of design. We therefore find art nouveauesque submarines of the Gungan--a civilisation hidden within the swamps and lakes of Naboo. Perhaps the most artistic place in the galaxy, Naboo's inhabitants' clothing, cities and spacecraft are beautifully designed. In contrast, The Republic is no longer the glorious government of free peoples uniting the galaxy and their spacecraft appear more factory-made and less crafted. Similarly, the Trade Federation's insect-like vessels are futurist in design. David West Reynolds is a Star Wars authority. His last book Incredible Cross Sections showed brilliantly detailed plans of all the Star Wars spacecraft. This book does the same thing for Episode 1 in 14 unbelievably detailed cross-section artworks, including a gatefold cutaway of a Droid Control Ship. The encyclopedic information which accompanies the beautiful pictures provides information on the smallest detail of the crafts. This book is the perfect Episode 1 accompaniment book.


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