A song for Ella Grey

David Almond

No. of pages 272

Great for age 12+
A modern retelling of the legendary story of Orpheus. Claire and Ella and their friends are bound by ties so strong they seem unbreakable. Then the strange and handsome Orpheus strolls onto the beach, and he sings them all into an astonishing new understanding of themselves. Ella is caught the hardest, fastest, deepestand Claire is left with the pain of looking on. Raw, emotional, lyrical, funny, and true,A Song for Ella Greyis a tale of the joys, troubles, and desires of modern teens. It takes place in the ordinary streets of Tyneside and on the beautiful beaches of Northumberland.Its a story of first love, a love songthat draws on ancient mythical forces. A love that leads Ella, Orpheus, and Claire to the gates of Death and beyond. Written in lyrical prose, this novel for fans of epic romances and mythology retellings explores themes of love, loss, fate, and destiny set against the dramatic and diverse backdrop of Northern England.?


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