Emperor penguins

book 2, alone series

Reading level: beginning to read

Deborah Lock

No. of pages 32

John Dos Passos had just returned from studying Architecture in Spain when America entered World War I and - driven by The idealism that Infected many young Americans (including Hemingway and ee cummings ) - he joined up as a driver for the Ambulance Corps. His rapid and profound disillusionment forms the core of Three Soldiers. a fierce denunciation of the military and of the far-reaching social implications of its exploitation of young men. The novel focuses on three main characters: Andrews. a young composer who finally revolts against the war's deadening regimentation; Chrisfield. an Indiana farm boy who chants the words make the world safe for democracy to himself in a futile attempt to block out the noises and terrors of battle; and Fuselli. a clerk who clings to the dream of becoming a corporal d...


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