Feathers, flippers and feet

Book 2, Dk Readers

Deborah Lock

No. of pages 32

This is the ultimate guide to the best fruits and vegetables a with tips on how to grow them from runner beans to gooseberries the Experts at the RHS have selected the cream of each crop in the RHS Good Fruit and Veg Guide. Packed with 125 full-colour illustrated profiles and quick reference recommendations to make choosing easy. Plus. get practical advice on key aspects of cultivation. such as sowing and harvesting and troubleshooting pests and diseases. With clear. easy-to-follow advice on the basic principles of growing fruits and vegetables. you can now plan your plot and choose the right seed or plants for your garden. This title offers essential cultivation advice for grow-your-own beginners and experienced gardeners.


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Feathers, flippers and feet was written by Deborah Lock. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The subject areas covered by this book include Animals.

Tags: Animal, animal locomotion, Animals, Locomotion, Motion, Reader and Readers

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Dk Readers

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