Theatre Shoes


Noel Streatfeild, D M Mays, E L Konigsburg

No. of pages 288

Great for age
Madame Fidolia turned facing Sorrel and Mark and Holly. You will call me Madame, and when you first meet me in the morning and last thing at night, and before and after a class, or any time when we meet, you will make a deep curtesy and say 'madame'. And you, Mark pay one hand on your heart and bow.


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Theatre Shoes is part of the Shoes series. Theatre Shoes is categorised as fiction. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The locations of England and London are linked with this book.

Tags: actors, orphan, Child, Child actors and Theatre

This book contains the following story:

Theatre Shoes

After their father disappeared in the war, Sorrell, Holly, and Mark Forbes were sent to live with their grandfather. When he dies, the three orphans are on the move again—this time to London, where their maternal grandmother is a well-known actress. The city is a strange, bustling place that frightens young Holly, but the siblings’ new home at 14 Ponsonby Square has a garden that instantly enchants them. Their grandmother enrols them at the Children’s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training, where they’ll carry on the tradition of their famous theatre family, which includes cousins they never knew they had. Stuck-up Miranda thinks she can act better than Sorrel; homesick Mark discovers he can sing; and Holly is a natural dancer. Will Sorrel, Holly, and Mark live up to their family legacy?

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