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Professor Sato's Three Formulae - Part 1

Blake and Mortimer

No. of pages 56

One evening in Tokyo, air traffic controllers detect an unknown flying object and send two aircraft to intercept and identify it. However, the fighters last message before they crash into each other is ryu dragon! The whole business has deeply upset Professor Sato Akira, and he calls upon his friend Mortimer, who can always be counted upon for good advice. But before hes even received the invitation, Mortimer is already targeted by men hell bent on getting rid of himCaptain Francis Blake, dashing head of Englands MI5. Professor Philip Mortimer, world-renowned nuclear physicist. The most distinguished duo of gentleman-adventurers, battling the forces of evil and their arch nemesis Olrik around the globe, below the earth, even across time itself...


This book is in the following series:

Blake and Mortimer

This book features the following characters:

Francis Blake

Professor Sato Akira

Philip Mortimer

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