Book 1, Montmorency

Eleanor Updale

No. of pages 178

Great for age

1875: A small-time crook is rescued from death by an ambitious doctor. Released from prison, he uses the new London sewage system as a highway for crime. Above ground he creates a respectable image for himself, at the heart of high society. But which is the real Montmorency? Can he fight off the dangers that threaten both his lives?


Montmorency by Eleanor Updale was nominated for the Branford Boase Award in 2004.Montmorency by Eleanor Updale has not been rated for age or fabulousness yet on TheBookseekers. There are currently no reviews for this book on this site. Click on the + buttons to include your own ratings!

Montmorency is book 1 in the series Montmorency. Montmorency is categorised as fiction. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional characters Montmorency and Lord George Fox Selwyn. The locations of England and London are linked with this book.

Genres: Crime and Spy

Tags: fictional character, Multiple, Multiple personality, Personal, Personality, Thieves and spy

This book features the following character:


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