Rose Under Fire

Elizabeth Wein

No. of pages 480

Great for age 12+
Rose Justice is a young American ATA pilot, delivering planes and taxiing pilots for the RAF in the UK during the summer of 1944. Whilst taking a Sptifire back to France she is captured by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. Assigned to a factory making bomb fuses, Rose refuses to comply and so is allocated to a high security unit. Here she learns of the fate of the Rabbits, the Polish prisoners experimented on by the Nazis. Her tale is told in a journal after the event as a means of telling the world of the evils she learnt of.


Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein was nominated for the Costa in 2013 and the Goodreads Award in 2013. It currently has an age rating of 12+ years and a 5 star rating on TheBookSeekers. There are currently no reviews for this book on this site. Click on the + buttons to include your own ratings!

Rose Under Fire was written by Elizabeth Wein. It was created especially for YA readers.

Tags: world war 2

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