The Very Lonely Firefly

Eric Carle

No. of pages 31

Great for age
Many of Eric Carle's books begin with a small creature being born just as a great yellow sun rises. This time the hero is a firefly, and the inimitably Carle-ish cut-tissue paper orange and yellow sun is setting. The firefly buzzes off in search of companionship, but keeps following other lights by mistake--a candle, a torch, a lantern--and these in turn are all leading in the direction of a fireworks display. Finally, the lonely firefly finds the friends it is seeking--a dozen or more other fireflies. This is one of Eric Carle's books with a mechanical twist: in this case, the firefly's new group of friends start to flash (from tiny yellow bulbs embedded in the book) as you turn the last page. (The battery is replaceable.) (Ages 0 to 4 years)--RichardFarr


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It is part of the More Stories collection, and is at Level 2 in the Penguin Young Readers levelled reading scheme.

The Very Lonely Firefly is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of . It was written for young readers to enjoy.

This is a Reader collection. A Reader collection group books together at the same level within the same Reading scheme.

Collection Tags: Illustrated, Penguin Young Readers, non-ordered, levelled, reading, Level 2.

Penguin Young Readers is a levelled reading scheme, with levels described as follows. Level 1: Emergent Reader (Simple vocabulary, word repetition, picture clues, predictable story and sentence structure, familiar themes and ideas), Level 2 Progressing Reader (Longer sentences, simple dialogue, picture and context clues, more in-depth plot development); Level 3 Transitional Reader (multi-syllable and compound words, more dialogue, different points of view, more complex storylines and characters; Level 4 Fluent Reader (more advanced vocabulary, detailed and descriptive text, complex sentence structure, in depth plot and character development). For further details see

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