What Can Spot See?


Eric Hill

No. of pages 14

Great for age
Spot sees many things during his day?looking out the window, eating breakfast in the kitchen, running outside to play. Children can help Spot identify everything he sees in this fun-filled novelty format. Each spread includes a die-cut hole and a turning wheel at the edges of each page, which reveals all the things Spot sees. What's out the window? What's in the toy box? What is Spot drawing? Toddlers love discovering things in changing pictures and naming all the familiar objects they see. These scenes from Spot's world offer lots of fun for parents and young children.


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What Can Spot See? is part of the Spot series. What Can Spot See? is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Eric Hill. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the character Spot.

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