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Weetzie Bat

Dangerous Angels

No. of pages 128

Great for age 12+
This could be a book about cheap cheese and bean burritos, slinkster dogs, lanky lizards and rubber chickens ...Or strawberry sundaes with marshmallow toppings, surfing, stage-diving and sleeping on the beach ...It could even be a book about magic. But what it's definitely about is Weetzie Bat, her best friend Dirk and their search across L.A. for the most dangerous angel of all ...true love. The Dangerous Angels series continues with: 2. WITCH BABY (Sep '02), 3. CHEROKEE BAT AND THE GOAT GUYS (Sep '02), 4. MISSING ANGEL JUAN (Nov '02), 5. BABY BE-BOP (Jan '03)


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Dangerous Angels

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