Book 58, Dk Eyewitness Guides

Dave King, Geoff Dann, Philip Wilkinson

No. of pages 64

There has always been an incredible diversity of domestic buildings around the world from simple branch and animal skin lean-tos to log cabins Roman villas and skyscrapers. This superb collection of photographs brings their variety and construction vividly to life.Starting with different building materials the book looks at how buildings are put together and the problems faced by stonemasons carpenters bricklayers and other craftspeople in their daily work. Learn how a medieval half-timbered house was erected how thatch is put on a roof and how glorious patterns and colours are achieved in mosaics tiles and glass. Discover the different styles of domestic building around the world with houses shown in detail inside and out.Packed with fascinating facts Building is a unique and compelling introduction to the homes we live in.


This is book 58 from the series.

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Dk Eyewitness Guides

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