Inventing Elliot

Graham Gardner

Great for age

Elliot's life has been spinning out of control. He would give anything to get back to normal. Now, at his new school, he has a chance to reinvent himself. He will make himself so cook, so out of reach, that no one will hurt him ever again. The plan succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. And then beyond his wildest nightmare. Elliot is noticed by the Guardians, the mysterious, manipulative group who run the school according to their own very special rules. They want him to become one of them. For the first time, Elliot has power. But power comes at a terrible price, and Elliot faces an impossible choice when he has to decide how to use it.


Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner was nominated for the Branford Boase Award in 2004.Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner has not been rated for age or fabulousness yet on TheBookseekers. There are currently no reviews for this book on this site. Click on the + buttons to include your own ratings!

Inventing Elliot was written by Graham Gardner. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Tags: power, school groups, The Guardians and impossible choices

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