Howl's Moving Castle, Volume 3

Book 3

Hayao Miyazaki

No. of pages 176

Great for age

Sophie has made her place in to the Moving Castle, and discovered that Howl isn't as terrible as his reputation paints him. In fact, he's a bit of a coward, and needs Sophie to answer a Royal summons for him! But the visit to the Palace ends in shambles, and now Howl's mentor Madam Suliman is out to get them...and the Witch of the Waste has moved into the castle!


This book contains the following story:

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is the story of a young girl who is magically transformed into a 90-year-old woman. Undaunted by this curse, her continuing adventures introduce her to the vainglorious wizard Howl and his curious castlemates.

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