Forces of darkness.

Book 3, Dk Readers

Reading level: Reading Alone

Heather Scott

No. of pages 48

Discover all about the Separatist Forces and their leaders in this Level 3 DK ReaderGet your child hooked on reading as they discover all about the evil Separatist forces and their leaders from the Star Wars The Clone Wars series in Star Wars Clone Wars Forces of Darkness.Designed to engage even the most reluctant reader, this fun-packed The Clone Wars Reader is all about the forces of darkness. Watch as your child discovers more about the Separatist forces and their leaders - Grevious and Asajj Ventress - and learns how they are really controlled by Count Dooku and Darth Sidious (the Sith Lords who use the dark side). They'll meet Separatist Generals, see droids, explore vehicles and much more.Level 3 Readers are great for children beginning to read alone - exciting stories with rich vocabulary, challenging sentence structures, additional information, alphabetical glossary and index helps build literacy skills.Packed with pictures from The Clone Wars series, Star Wars Clone Wars Forces of Darkness is an out-of-this-world read.


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