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Asimov's monsters

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Some more wonderful stories edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin Greenberg and Charles Waugh. The children in these stories have one thing in common, they are all young monsters. Some of them are horrid. Some are grotesque. Some are merely unusual. And still others are diabolically clever at disguising their awful desires. Some of the monsters are unwitting captives of their fates. Others relish what they are horrible as it may be. Including: Homecoming by Ray Bradbury Good-by Mrs Patterson by Phyllis MacLennan The Wheelbarrow Boy by Richard Parker The Cabbage Patch by Theodore R Cogswell The Thing Waiting Outside by Barbara Williamson Red as Blood by Tanith Lee Gabriel-Ernerst by Saki ( H H Munro) Fritzchen by Charles Beaumont The Yong One by Jerome Bixby Optical Illusion by Mack Reynolds Idiot's Crusade by Clifford D Simak One for the Road by Stephen King Angelica by Jane Yolen


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