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Kingfisher Knowledge


No. of pages 64

"Kingfisher Knowledge" is a groundbreaking series for readers hungry for information on today's hot topics. Lively, engaging text, packed with information, accompanies stunning photographs that enhance each chapter. Amazing, state-of-the-art digital artwork guides readers into the fascinating heart of the subject. This learning adventure does not stop there - information panels throughout lead the reader to further discovery. Each chapter offers website links, book lists, places to visit and career information. Inventions gets to grips with the ideas, machines and technology that have shaped the modern age. Learn about the earliest communication devices, and the developments that led to the mobile telephone revolution. Discover the original purpose of the Internet, and the incredible growth of the Information Super-Highway. See how robotics can be used in complex surgery, as well as in heavy industry. Travel back in time to witness the launch of the first liquid-fuelled rockets, and find out about the propulsion technology that will one day take human beings to Mars.


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Kingfisher Knowledge

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