Splendiferous Christmas

fancy nancy

Jane O'Conner, Jane O'Connor, Robin Preiss Glasser

No. of pages 32

Great for age
What could be fancier than Christmas?Presents with elegant wrapping paper, festive decorations, Christmas cookies with sprinklesand who could forget the tree? After all, there is no such thing as too much tinsel. Ooh la la! This year, Nancy is especially excited about decorating the Christmas tree. She bought a brand-new sparkly tree topper with her own money and has been waiting for Christmas to come. But when things don't turn out the way Nancy planned, will Christmas still be splendiferous? In this merriest of stories from bestselling duo Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, Nancy proves once again that a little fancying up can go a long, festive way!


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Splendiferous Christmas is part of the Fancy Nancy series. Splendiferous Christmas is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Robin Preiss Glasser. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the character Fancy Nancy.

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