jimmy coates

Joe Craig

No. of pages 306

Great for age
Jimmy Coates embarks on his fourth adventure in his ongoing mission to out-think / out-manouevre and outwit NJ7. If you think it's over, think again! Jimmy closed his eyes, searching for that power inside him. He had to forget that he was terrified -- that was only the human part of him, the 38 per cent that was a normal, frightened boy. He willed the assassin to take him over. He knew that somewhere within him was enough strength, resilience and expert knowledge to survive this crisis.The cold and calculating Miss Bennett has had enough of Jimmy Coates. NJ7's greatest invention has turned into it's greatest enemy, and it's time someone put an end to him. But Jimmy's next mission is to foil a secret plan -- and who could be better at this than someone who officially doesn't exist!


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Killer is book 1 in the series Jimmy Coates. Killer was written by Joe Craig. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Genres: adventure stories and detective

Tags: spy and detective

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