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Celtic myths and legends

Myths and Legends

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This volume is part of the "Myths and legends" series and is a collection of 5 traditional Celtic stories from Irish and Welsh mythology, suitable for reading aloud either in the classroom or at home. The author begins with a short introduction describing the world of the Celts. The first two stories, "The hound of Culann" and "The cattle raid of Cooley", are concerned with the great Irish hero Cu Chulainn and his amazing feats of strength and courage. The next story, "The revenge of Finn mac Cumaill", is about the Fian (Fenian) warriors who figure prominently in Irish mythology. "The great boar hunt" is a Welsh legend of high adventure which relates how Culhwch won Olwen as his bride. The final story, "The lady from the lake", is a magical tale of the marriage between a Welsh farmer and a faerie woman. All of the stories are accompanied by full colour illustrations and the book also has a textual note, a further reading list and a glossary.


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Myths and Legends

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