Mr. Crookodile

blue bananas

Korky Paul, John Bush

No. of pages 48

Mr. Crocodile needs a job apparently. So says Mrs. Crocodile. But what to do? Luckily, Mr. Crocodile is a croc with imagination. He could be a soccer star?Mr. Soccerdile has a nice ring to it. Or perhaps a cook?Mr. Cookodile sounds splendid. But what would be even easier for a lazy croc would be to turn into Mr. Crookodile and rob a bank!! However, despite a cunning disguise, Mr. Crocodile's plans start to unravel in a very funny way. This comic caper will have you laughing all the way to the bank.


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Mr. Crookodile is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Korky Paul. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Tags: Bank, Bank robberies, banks, Occupations and robberies

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