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The Wardstone Chronicles

No. of pages 272

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Great for age 12+
For years, the local Spook has been keeping the County safe from ghosts and boggarts, but more especially from witches. And here are five dark and terifying witch stories from the Spook's own collection. There are child-eating witches, witch assassins, Celtic witches, dead witches, and witches so beautiful they can break a man's heart.


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The Wardstone Chronicles

"Instantly evocative and highly filmic" -- Amanda Craig The Times "This gathering of five short stories is an invaluable addition to The Wardstone Chronicles; much is explained in detail and Delaney gives Spook's devotees a greater insight into some of his most beloved and intriguing characters" Fantasy Book Review "What really sets it a notch above some of its peers is some terrific writing, dense atmosphere, and the intriguing glimpse of English folklore it affords its readers" -- Stefan Bachmann The Bookbag "Each dark tale stands alone and don't worry if you haven't yet discovered the Wardstone Chronicles because you don't have to be a Spook aficionado to enjoy these haunting histories. Just make sure you're not alone when you read them!" -- Pam Norfolk Lancashire Evening Post "This spooky collection of gruesome, brutal tales about witches, spooks, and boggarts is a great way to spend an afternoon, losing yourself in the world of the weird" First News