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Christophe's story

Literacy Evolve


No. of pages 79


This is the story of a young Rwandan refugee now living in the UK. Christophe is having trouble getting used to his new school, new language and new life. Life has been very lonely for him. Most of all he misses his grandfather who they had to leave behind. His teacher persuades Christophe to share his story with his classmates - so he tells them of the terrifying day the soldiers came to his house and killed his baby brother. The spoken story fills the air and his classmates are spellbound. But when his teacher asks him to write it down and read it out in assembly, Christophe is horrified. You lose the fire from a story once you write it down! But with the help of his new friends, his family and the memory of his beloved grandfather, Christophe finds a way to break through the barriers - and share his story with everyone.


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Literacy Evolve
Literacy Evolve (Wordsmith) is a whole-school approach to English designed to help children develop the very best language skills- and have a lot of fun along the way!The programme is underpinned by four core principles: contextualised grammar, purpose and audience, varied whole texts, talk for writing.

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