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I am too absolutely small for school

Charlie and Lola

No. of pages 32

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A classic Charlie and Lola picture book about starting school worries, from Children's Laureate Lauren Child - now in a brilliant board book edition!

Charlie's little sister Lola is nearly big enough to go to school. But Lola is not so sure...

Lola says, "I am absolutely not BIG. I am still really quite small. I probably do not have time to go to school. I am too extremely busy doing important things at home."

This classic first-day-at-school tale addresses children's fears with warmth, humour, and a lot of fun.

As seen on CBeebies!

'No first-timer should start school without this book' - The Sunday Times


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Charlie and Lola

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No first-timer should start school without this book * The Sunday Times *
An imaginative and beautiful tale... Excellent * The Sun *
Lauren Child is so good it's exhilarating * Independent *
Lauren Child is a star * Guardian *
A unique talent * Sunday Telegraph *
Child gives a simple story about starting school extra layers of complexity and humour * Books for Keeps *
Exciting, funny and memorable * Child Care *
A must for any child...she writes about the trials of childhood with a clairvoyant eye * The Independent *
Deals sympathetically with children's fears surrounding the first day of school * Teesside Evening Telegraph *
An exciting, funny and memorable read for both carers and children * Child Care *
Done with all Child's usual wit and idiosyncratic style * Children's Bookseller *
Fresh, provocative and sharp-witted * Carousel *
With the author's trademark collages, funky, curly writing and soaring leaps of imagination, this book is set to become a modern classic * Daily Mail *
This is a winner either as a read-aloud or for independent perusal * School Library Journal *
Go straight out and beg, borrow or steal a copy of Lauren Child's latest book * Angels & Urchins *
Perfect preparation for school - not preachy or scary, just charming * Scottish Sunday Mail *
An exceptional starting school book full of diversity in print, presentation and illustration * Scholastic *
Child is the Tracey Emin of illustration for young children: provocative, fearless, funny but full of spirit and warmth * The Independent *
An imaginative and beautiful tale * The Sun *
Lauren Child is a must for any child...feels fresh and instantly consoling * The Independent *
The perfect preparation for reception as it covers many of the normal fears about starting school * Mumsnet *
A modern classic from Lauren Child. * The School Run *