Little Women

Usborne Young Reading


Shelagh Mcnicholas, Lesley Sims

Great for age
This is a re-telling of the beloved story by Louisa May Alcott for children learning to read. Follow the fortunes of the March family as they struggle through the American Civil War and learn the importance of love, family and following your dreams. Usborne's Young Reading series was developed in conjunction with experts from Roehampton University and is designed to encourage independent reading. Each title has clear, engaging text and is accompanied by original illustrations.


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It is part of the Classic Stories collection, and is at magenta, sapphire, Level 3 and dark blue in the Usborne Young Reading levelled reading scheme. This book is aimed at children who are working at levels 4a, 4b and 4c of the National Curriculum.

Little Women is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Shelagh Mcnicholas. It has been adapted for children. The book includes the fictional character March family. The locations of England and New England are linked with this book. Little Women by Lesley Sims and Shelagh Mcnicholas was inspired by the story Little Women.

Genres: classics

Tags: characters, Daughters, fictional character, Mothers, Mothers and daughters, New and Sisters

This is a Reader collection. A Reader collection group books together at the same level within the same Reading scheme.

Collection Tags: Illustrated, Usborne Young Reading, non-ordered, 4a, levelled, classics, reading, magenta.

Young Reading from Usborne. Series One titles are for children who have just started reading on their own. They are 48 pages long and typically contain several short stories or one longer story divided into chapters. They use fairly short, simple sentences and everyday vocabulary. Series Two titles are for children who are reading more confidently. They are 64 pages long and use varied sentence lengths, more complex sentence structure and more challenging vocabulary. Series Three titles are for fully confident readers who still need to gain the stamina needed for standard length books. They use advanced sentence structure and vocabulary and have more complex plots with subplots.

This book contains the following story:

Little Women
Christmas wont be the same this year for Meg. Jo. Beth. and Amy. as their father is away fighting in the Civil War and the family has fallen on hard times. But though they may be poor. life for the four March sisters is rich with color. as they play games. put on wild theatricals. make new friends. argue. grapple with their vices. learn from their mistakes. nurse each other through sickness and disappointments. and get into all sorts of trouble.

This book features the following character:

March family

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