And that's when it fell off in my hand

book 5, confessions of georgia nicolson

Louise Rennison

No. of pages 288

Great for age 12+
The further fabbitty fab confessions of Georgia Nicolson, as recounted to an adoring, expectant reading public by top teen writing queen Louise Rennison, has been two years in the making and much anticipated. The fifth book in the series, ao_And thataos when it fell off in my hand , is every bit as cool and laugh-out-loud funny as those before it. Phew. Imagine if itaod been crap? It would have been a huge, huge disaster. Georgia, boyfriendless now that Robbie the Sex God has gone off to New Zealand is, according to her best mate Jas, upset, and all lonely, with no one to really care about her, the days stretching ahead without any meaning. But Georgia doesnaot remain broken-hearted for long. Suddenly she has things filling up her days like frequent snogging extravaganzas with old flame, Dave the Laugh, who gives her the Mega Horn, and having to cope with the arrival of jelloid-knee-inducing Italian stallion, Masimo, and putting down the thoroughly unwanted attentions of Mark Big Gob. Robbie who? Itaos difficult to fault Rennisonaos ability to accurately depict the tormented lives of teens today. Georgia is frighteningly typical, if a little over-dramatic, and her antics are gloriously topical. Thereaos a laugh a line and getting this funny on every page is very hard indeed. Itaos great to see Rennisonaos new UK publishers have adopted the convention used in the American editions of these books, by adding a glossary of all the terms used by the author that might need some clarification for the less with-it readers dropping in. The definitions of words like aoOsmallsao (an ironic terms for underpants), aoOpashao (passion) and aoOnunga-nungasao (Girlaos breasty business) are truly hilarious and are worth the cover price alone. These books are totally essential teen reading. Do not delayao_(Age 12 and over) -- John McLay


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And that's when it fell off in my hand is categorised as fiction. It was created especially for YA readers. The book includes the fictional character Georgia Nicolson. The location Georgia are linked with this book.

Genres: Diary fiction

Tags: fictional character, girls, Teenage and teenage girls

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Georgia Nicolson

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