The Snow Queen

Manuel Sumberac, Hans Christian Andersen, Kay Woodward, Claire Vincent

No. of pages 28

""And whenever a splinter flew into someone's eye, that poor person saw the world as an ugly and evil place. Even worse, if a splinter found its way into a person's heart, it would grow colder and colder, until it was frozen like a block of ice ""Enter the magical, haunting world of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale. When the evil Snow Queen enchants a little boy, his friend Gerda journeys to the ends of the earth to free him from her icy spell. Manuel Sumberac's interactive art features fantastic pull-tabs, flaps, wheels, and a glistening pop-up ice palace."


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The Snow Queen is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of . It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the character Snow Queen.

Genres: fairy tale

This book contains the following story:

The Snow Queen
When Kay is cursed by a magic mirror, he can no longer perceive goodness in anything - not his best friend Gerda, nor the roses in the garden. One wintery evening, he is kidnapped by the wicked Snow Queen and swept away to live for ever in her kingdom of ice. Gerda must travel through inhospitable and frozen lands, sustained only by the kindness of strangers, in order to find her beloved friend. And when she gets there, she must melt the ice in his heart before she can take him back home.

This book features the following character:

Snow Queen

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