Huckleberry Finn

essential classics

Pauline Francis, Mark Twain, Evans Brothers

No. of pages 56

Huckleberry Finn was published in 1884. it tells the story of a young boy, Huckleberry Finn, The friend of Tom Sawyer, and his adventures on and around the great Mississippi River with a runaway slave, Jim. This book is part of the Essential Classics series Essential Classics is a wonderful new series that offers a quick way into a range of exciting stories. Fast-moving and accessible, each story is a shortened, dramatically illustrated version of the classic novel, which loses none of the strength and flavour of the original.


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Huckleberry Finn is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of . It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional character Huckleberry Finn.

Genres: adventure stories and classics

Tags: fictional character, Finns, Friends, Friendship, Fugitive, Male, Male friendship, Males, Runaway, Runaway children and Slaves

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Collection Tags: Illustrated, Evans, non-ordered, unlevelled, classics, reading.

A quick way into the classics, these 48 page books are designed to retain all the flavour of the original stories, and include Horror Classics; Animal Classics; Adventure Classics and Science Fiction Classics.

This book contains the following story:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
A nineteenth-century boy from a Mississippi River town recounts his adventures as he travels down the river with a runaway slave, encountering a family involved in a feud, two scoundrels pretending to be royalty, and Tom Sawyer's aunt who mistakes him for Tom.

This book features the following character:

Huckleberry Finn

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