Penguin Kids Readers

A Elt scheme

Jocelyn Potter, Melanine Williams

No. of pages 32

Penguin & Disney combine forces to provide a new series of graded story books, 'Penguin Kids', designed to stimulate young readers and develop their English language reading skills.


This book contains the following story:

Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp
From A Thousand and One Nights comes the tale of Aladdin, an impoverished young lad in a Chinese town. Persuaded by the evil sorcerer Maghreb to retrieve a magic lamp containing a genie, the tale then follows the escapades of Aladdin and Maghreb as they fight to own the lamp and the magic it contains.

This book is in the following series:

Penguin Kids Readers
Penguin Kids Readers are simplified story books for children learning English. It is an ELT scheme with 6 levels:Level 1: 200 headwords, up to 50 hours of EnglishLevel 2: 400 headwords, up to 100 hours of EnglishLevel 3: 600 headwords, up to 150 hours of EnglishLevel 4: 800 headwords, up to 200 hours of EnglishLevel 5: 1000 headwords, up to 250 hours of EnglishLevel 6: 1200 headwords, up to 300 hours of EnglishVisit their website here.

This book features the following characters:




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