The Little Drummer Mouse

Mercer Mayer

No. of pages 40

During the holiday season, many of us can be caught humming along to the catchy and dearly loved Christmas carol "The Little Drummer Boy."" Now Mercer Mayer revisits this tale of the first Christmas with a wonderfully endearing twist. In a quaint woodland setting that bustles with animals and activity, the timid little drummer mouse plays his acorn drum wherever he goes. Then, one night, a bright star leads him to a stable. To the mouses amazement, Mary invites him to play his drum for the new king. Children will relish the moment when the little drummer mouse realizes that no matter how small he is, he is a part of this exciting event. Mercer Mayers glowing and friendly artwork brings enormous charisma to this cozy version of the Nativity, and parents will appreciate this retelling that makes the meaning of Christmas accessible to little ones."


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