The Berenstain Bears' Christmas tree

the berenstein bears

Mike Berenstain, Jan Berenstain, Stan Berenstain

No. of pages 72

Finding the perfect Christmas tree is very important for Papa Bear and the cubs. But while hunting for that one special tree, the family meets up with other animals that live in them. Papa, Brother, and Sister realize that the trees are perfect homes for the animals and show kindness and love for their fellow Bear Country friends by not cutting them down. The animals from the forest work together to thank the Bear Family in a wonderful and unique way.


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The Berenstain Bears' Christmas tree is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of . It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional character Berenstain Bears. The Christian belief system is relevant to this book.

Genres: Religious

Tags: Bear, Bears, characters, Christ, Christmas and fictional character

This book features the following character:

Berenstain Bears

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