Father Christmas Needs a Wee!


Nicholas Allan

No. of pages 32

Great for age
A funny and festive counting book about Santa really, really needing to go?Father Christmas needs a wee. He's been drinking drinks since half past three . . .At each different house that he visits Father Christmas drinks and eats all the goodies left out for him. Before long he really, really, really needs to pee, so much so that he even forgets to leave the presents behind. But he dashes back, delivers all the?gifts, and flies home at high speed to avoid an embarassing accidentbut there's just one tiny problemhe's lost his house key! Find out what happens and whether Father Christmas ever gets to relieve himself in this fabulously funny counting book!


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Father Christmas Needs a Wee! is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of . It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Tags: Counting, Father Christmas and Santa Claus

This book features the following character:

Father Christmas

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