The last wild

Piers Torday

Great for age 5+

This is a story about a boy named Kester. He is extraordinary, but he doesn't know that yet. All he knows, at this very moment, is this: 1. There is a flock of excited pigeons in his bedroom. 2. They are talking to him. 3. His life will never be quite the same again.. A captivating animal adventure destined to be loved by readers of all ages.


The last wild by Piers Torday was nominated for the Branford Boase Award in 2014 and the Best Fiction 5-12 years in 2014. It has an age rating of 5+ years on TheBookSeekers. There are currently no reviews for this book on this site. Click on the + buttons to include your own ratings!


The last wild was written by Piers Torday. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Tags: talking animals and Anthropomorphism

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