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The big idea in Hex , Rhiannon Lassiter's first Sci-fi thriller is a strong one. Raven is a teenage "Hex"" with a mutant gene that gives her the ability to interface the World Wide Web in the 24th Century--without a modem. She's persuaded by her brother into attempting to rescue their younger sister whose own Hexabilities have landed her in trouble. Here, in the sequel, Raven is still lurking in the shadows of the gangland underworld of the future and her team of Hexes, family and friends are in hiding. Only when some anti-government terrorists seek them out and suggest a pact, does purpose return to their lives again and the sparks begin to fly. A fatal mistake by Raven forces the two groups to join forces sooner than they had anticipated. This time, there is a rescue attempt of a very different nature. The stakes are higher and the target even more dangerous. Set a year after the initial drama, the story never quite hits the same heights despite containing more than enough action and suspense. Stranded between the highly acclaimed original novel and Hex: Ghosts , the excellent concluding book in her Hex sequence, Hex: Shadows loses much without the vivid background detail and imaginative scene-setting contained in the first instalment. However, the Hex experience would definitely be incomplete without this book now that the trilogy is complete. Hex: Shadows should not be overlooked. It develops the characters further, tempts the reader with more of the deadly machinations of an all-conquering world government and leaves us dangling, tantalisingly close, to the engrossing final act. -- John McLay "


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