The Sea of Monsters

book 2, percy jackson and the olympians

Rick Riordan

No. of pages 276

1 review
Great for age 8+
Percy Jackson, the young demi-god, is back for his second exciting adventure in the bestselling series by Rick Riordan. You can't tell by looking at me that my dad is Poseidon, God of the Sea. It's not easy being a half-blood these days. You mortals can't even see the monsters we have to fight all the time. So when a game of dodgeball turned into a death match against an ugly gang of cannibal giants, I couldn't exactly ask my gym teacher for help. And that was just for starters. This is the one where Camp Half Blood is under attack, and unless I get my hands on the Golden Fleece, the whole camp will be invaded by monsters. Big ones. Can Percy survive the treacherous Sea of Monsters and restore order to Half-Blood Hill?


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The Sea of Monsters is book 2 in the series Percy Jackson - Olympians. The Sea of Monsters is categorised as fiction. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the character Percy Jackson.

Genres: Fantasy, legends and mythology

Tags: gods, Greek and Greek Gods

This book contains the following story:

The Sea of Monsters

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Date: 19/Dec/2013

I believe that this book is a superb follow on from the beginning of the series, found within Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Action packed and enjoyable to read, I believe the characters are highly developed to the extent that you begin to cringe when certain members of the plot are placed in difficult situations. It is also a frequently amusing text.


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