Ruby Parker film star

Rowan Coleman

No. of pages 320

Great for age
Join teenage starlet Ruby Parker as she leaves Soapland and progresses to her first major movie audition! Is there really life after soap? Find out in this hilarious novel for star-struck girls.Child star Ruby Parker is heading for her very first proper audition with one of the most famous film directors in the world. If she is successful, Ruby could win a good part in a box office smash to be watched by millions!People keep telling her that if she doesn't GET the role, it's not the end of the world. But inside, Ruby isn't sure that she really believes thatWarm, funny and starry bright, this perfect follow-up to Ruby Parker Soap Star is perfect for fame-struck girls.


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Ruby Parker film star is categorised as fiction. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Tags: actors, Actresses, Child, Child actors, fictional character, film industry, Industry, Motion, movie industry, Television, TV, TV actors, TV actresses and Vision

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Ruby Parker

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