Ruby Parker, musical star

Rowan Coleman

No. of pages 256

Multii-talented teen starlet Ruby Parker makes her debut in the theatre but how will she cope with the demands of being in a musical?Still reeling from her less-than-perfect Hollywood debut, Ruby Parker has left the Sylvia LIghthouse Academy and is looking forward to an ordinary life at an everyday school with no drama attached. Imagine her horror, then, when she discovers that she has to audition for the school choir - and gets chosen!Even worse, she discovers that the school choir is entering the national competition to appear as the chorus for a new musical to be broadcast on live TV. Not only that, but the musical was created by arch-rival Jade Carusos rock star dad, who is auditioning for the lead alongside Rubys ex-boyfriend Danny Harvey!Ruby Parker may think shes given up on showbiz , but one thing is certain it hasnt given up on her!


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Ruby Parker, musical star is categorised as fiction. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional characters Ruby and Ruby Parker.

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This book features the following character:

Ruby Parker

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