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The Flash Chronicles (1)

The Flash Chronicles


No. of pages 160

Police scientist Barry Allen stars in this new Chronicles series, collecting his adventures as The Flash chronologically in trade paperback for the first time.In this first volume, Barry Allen gains his incredible powers of super speed and faces villains who would go on to join his famed Rogues Gallery, including Captain Cold, Mr. Element, Mirror Master and The Pied Piper. Collects stories from tales from SHOWCASE #4, 8, 13 and 14 and THE FLASH #105 and 106.


This book is in the following series:

The Flash Chronicles
The Flash Chronicles collects together chronologically the stories that introduced Barry Allen as the new Flash in the late 1950s.

This book features the following characters:

Mr Element

Barry Allen

Mirror Master

Captain Cold

Pied Piper of Hamelin
The piper who played his pipe to enchant both rats and children into doing his bidding.


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