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Interstellar pig

No. of pages 200

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Great for age 12+

Barney's new next-door neighbours are unlike anyone he's ever met - utterly charming, slightly odd, and completely obsessed with a board game. When they invite Barney to join in a game of Interstellar Pig, he's delighted . . . until things start to get a little strange.

The game involves rival aliens traversing the universe to gain possession of 'The Piggy', often destroying one another in their efforts. But it soon becomes clear that this is not just a game. The trio is searching for a real pig, and Barney can't resist joining in the hunt. He outwits them, finds the pig and hides it in his cottage.

And then he realises that the Pig isn't the only thing that's real. Zena, Manny and Joe are in fact aliens in disguise - aliens who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the Pig. And so, one dark night, Barney finds himself battling for his life against three vicious life-forms, each equipped with incredible powers . . .

Originally published in UK by Hodder and Stoughton in 1986


'A riveting adventure . . . Terrifyingly vivid, coupled with a high-flying sense of humour.'

Will raise readers' hackles and incite nervous laughs . . . a taut tale. * PUBLISHERS WEEKLY *
Sleator's science fiction story is compelling on first reading - but stellar on the second ... raises enough questions to keep readers thinking - and wondering - well past the last page. * SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL *
From creepy to hilarious to murkily outlandish: a freewheeling science fiction nightmare/comedy from the inventive William Sleator ... Steady, challenging amusement for savvy readers. * KIRKUS REVIEWS *