The following provides some information on how the site works and who we are.


WHAT IS TheBookSeekers?


TheBookSeekers is a discovery website for children’s books which seeks to help navigate through the huge choice of books for children – from toddlers to teens – to find the next great book to read.




Search and filter

You can search for a book by inputting a keyword into the search box on the menu bar. This can be a book title, an author or illustrator or a general search term such as "cats magic funny". We also offer 'advanced search' which allows you to search within the specific fields of title, author/illustrator or just keywords. Click on the hyperlinked advanced search to access the form.

The site will search and return back books and collections that are related to the search words. You can then browse through the book list and the collection list to see if anything appeals.

We also offer filtering by page range. This is designed to narrow down the number of search results. We offer this filter as a broadbrush proxy for 'recommended age'.


Finding books by special pages

To find a book you can also browse our specially curated pages. Our home page has been designed to showcase collections of books you might be interested in; it is our equivalent of a high street shop window. However, like a high street store, we want to show our customers more examples of the wonderful books that are out there. To do this we have created a series of pages where we can showcase book collections in an organised way. These pages are really our online version of the sections you can see in some major bookshops, and each has its own button on the menu bar. Each page shows a different curated selection of books and collections.


Finding books by collections

You can also browse using the specially curated collections. Collections are sets of books that "go together” in some way, be that because they share the same theme, mood, series, book award or reading scheme. Once you have found a collection you are interested in you can browse the books in it, and if you find one you are interested in you can click the cover image to visit the book page to find out more about it. If you can’t find an interesting book in a collection you can look at the shelves underneath for other suggestions.


Finding books through hyperlinks

On the book page underneath the book title you will find hyperlinks on author names and, where relevant, on the series name to other books in the same series.


Finding books through tabs

On the book page underneath the book image box, where relevant, there are tabs which detail collections that book is in, series it is part of and awards it has won. Click on the tab to see the details. Each tab will hyperlink to other related books - so a collection name will hyperlink to other books in the collection, a series name to other books in that series, and an awards name to other books that have won or been nominated for the same award. The reading tab provides details of the reading scheme the book is part of, including the level.


Finding books via the 'What to read next' and 'Other collections you may like' shelves

Both the book page and collection page have shelves which have been populated using our 'similarity' algorithm. This applies a cosine similarity method to keywords that the books/collections have in common to suggest alternative books or collections you might like. These suggestions are as good as the data they are derived from.



What is the Star rating?

The star rating is a measure of the quality of the book. The rating goes from 1 star (awful) to 5 stars (brilliant!).

What is Age rating?

The Age Rating given to a book is there to capture the age from which a child might enjoy a given book, whether or not they are reading it themselves or someone else is reading it to them. The age ratings on the site are based on data from the British Library and Nielsen, which we believe originally came from publishers. 

We understand that there is controversy surrounding age rating, and that many people do not think any age should be put on a book. We take a very pragmatic approach here. Finding books children will love inevitably involves a judgement about both interest and complexity. Those caring for children are best placed to judge the level of the child, but to match it to a book they need to know the level of the book too. When used as a guide – and as an approximation – we believe age rating is a source of information that can help in this matching process.



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