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Little Drummer Boy

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No. of pages 32

Great for age 4-11 years
A procession travels to Bethlehem, bringing gifts for the newborn baby Jesus. The little drummer boy comes along, although he is too poor to bring a present fit for a king. Instead, he plays a song on his drum for the Christ Child. Within the little drummer boy's seemingly simple gift lies the true spirit of Christmas. Ezra Jack Keats' vivid, jewel-toned artwork perfectly illustrates this classic holiday carol. Music for the song appears at the back of the book. Keats evocatively portrays this story. -Publishers Weekly


This book is aimed at children in primary school.

There are 32 pages in this book. This book was published 2000 by Penguin Books Australia .

Ezra Jack Keats (www. ezra-jack-keats. org), who died in 1983, was one of the first people to create a realistic, friendly, multi-ethnic urban setting in picture books for young children. His legacy lives on in the popularity of his most famous character, Peter - the star of The Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, Peter's Chair, A Letter to Amy, Goggles , and others.

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