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The Exiles in Love

The Exiles

Great for age 8-18 years

Love is in the air . . .

The Exiles in Love is the third and final book in the award-winning The Exiles series, with Hilary McKay's trademark wit and warmth.

Ruth, Naomi, Rachel and Phoebe Conroy are all struggling to deal with the trials and tribulations of first love(s). Ruth develops a crush on the school bus driver, but finds herself conflicted when she also develops feelings for Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, the temporary English teacher (who Naomi is also smitten with) AND Alan Adair who works in the butcher's shop.

Meanwhile, the younger two sisters have other things on their minds - Rachel is plotting to become May Queen at her school and Phoebe is in training to become an international spy. But when Big Grandma arranges for a French boy called Philippe to stay with the Conroy's, it's not long before all the girls fall head over heels for him as well . . .


This book is part of a book series called The Exiles .

This book has been graded for interest at 9-11 years.

This book was published 2019 by Pan Macmillan .

Hilary McKay is a critically acclaimed author who has won many awards, including the Guardian Children's

This book is in the following series:

The Exiles

Little Women For Todays Readers

This book has been nominated for the following awards:

Smarties Book Award
This book was recognised in the Ages 9-11 Years category by the Smarties Book Award.

Guardian Fiction Award
This book was recognised by the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Award. This award was founded in 1967 and winners are selected by fellow writers. It is awarded annually to fiction written for children aged eight and above.

Smarties Book Award
This book was recognised by the Smarties Book Award.

This book features the following character:

Conroy Girl
This book features the character Conroy Girl.

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