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No. of pages 224

Great for age 11-18 years
Christina is sent to live with her uncle in his country house, Flambards, and knows from the moment she arrives that she'll never fit in. Her uncle is fierce and domineering and her cousin, Mark, is selfish-but despite all this, Christina discovers a passion for horse-riding and finds a true friend in Will. What Christina has yet to realize, though, is the important part she has to play in the future of this strange household . . . A welcome new edition of this exciting story which will appeal to old and new readers alike.


There are 224 pages in this book. This book was published 2019 by Oxford University Press .

K. M. Peyton is a true storyteller, and is the author of "Blind Beauty," "Fly-by-Night," and "The Swallow Tales. "

This book contains the following stories:

Twelve-year-old Christina is sent to live with her fierce uncle and his two sons in their decaying mansion, Flambards. Christina discovers a passion for horses and riding, but finds herself part of a strange household, divided by emotional undercurrents and cruelty.

Flambards in Summer
Widowed during the First World War at the age of 21, Christina returns to Flambards in the hope of picking up the threads of the life she knew before her marriage. But the Flambards Christina returns to is not the same - the paddocks are a jungle, the house buried in ivy, and the once busy stables empty and desolate. Christina sets herself to the task of returning Flambards to its former glory.

This book has been nominated for the following award:

Guardian Fiction Award
This book was recognised by the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Award. This award was founded in 1967 and winners are selected by fellow writers. It is awarded annually to fiction written for children aged eight and above.

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