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Beetle Boy: The Beetle Collector's Handbook

volume 1, Beetle Boy

No. of pages 96

Great for age 8-13 years
Beetle mania is spreading, thanks to M.G. Leonard's bestselling Beetle Boy trilogy. In the books, Darkus learns all about beetles from an old guide his father had used as a child. Now that book is available for readers everywhere to discover beetle facts for themselves! Hilariously narrated by eccentric entomologist "Monty G Leonard", this lavishly illustrated guide is the perfect starting point for young beetle collectors everywhere. From scary to weird to jaw-droppingly gorgeous, the 60+ species featured in this book are certain to inspire a lifelong love of Coleoptera.


This is volume 1 in Beetle Boy .

There are 96 pages in this book. This is a handbook. A handbook is a single-volume reference book of compact size that provides concise factual information on a specific subject, organized systematically for quick and easy access. Statistical information is often published in handbook form (example: Statistical Handbook on the American Family). Some handbooks are published serially (CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics). This book was published 2018 by Scholastic .

This book is in the following series:

Beetle Boy

Battle of the Beetles

This book has been nominated for the following award:

Waterstones Children's Book Award
This book was recognised in the Fiction - Younger Readers category by the Waterstones Children's Book Award.

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